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It’s the 2060’s, and Japan has perfected « The MRI System, » a piece of neurotechnology that, when given the brain of a person who died within the past 48 hours, can analyze the visual memories contained within; even being able to give scientists a look into what the deceased saw in their final moments. Needless to say, this is a highly regarded – and greatly feared – method that has been placed under stringent restrictions and is only authorized for use by a special police unit, Section Nine, for the investigation of baffling or high-profile crimes. Aoki Ikkou is a talented newbie who has just been assigned to Section Nine. He initially has qualms about delving into people’s most private moments and analyzing their darkest fears and fantasies, but as he settles in with his teammates and warms up to his boss, the highly intelligent Maki Tsuyoshi, he becomes more and more competent at his job. Though quick to develop pride in his career, Aoki still struggles to balance his family relationships and love life with his demanding workload, further complicated when he’s drawn into the dark past and murky circumstances surrounding the outwardly cool and self-controlled but internally tormented Maki. The first chapter is a prologue that features the first case where the MRI method was used. Chapter 2 is where the main cast is introduced. Note: Won the Award for Excellence at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2011.