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Kiss & Loving |   キスと嫌いの反対 |   吻我就爱上我吧
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1) Kiss and Loving Are the two of us friends, or are we lovers? It not clear how he regards us. If I say  » let’s kiss », he’ll kiss me. If I say « let’s move in together », he’ll smoothly accept. He’ll indulge me, but he won’t express a desire for anything in return. Just when we’ve moved in our new place, his little brother who loathes me appears. Because it’s a good opportunity, he wants to keep tabs on us. If it comes down to me or his family, he’ll choose me…. Right? 2) First Love Paradox When Haru was a child he used to think Miyuki was small, cute, and a cry baby that would run to him every time he was bullied. Now though Miyuki has grown to be even taller than Haru. This fact irritates Haru to no end. 3) Spring Won’t Come Mizuda is Takane’s home tutor who’s helping him study in order to pass his exams and get into college. At least that’s how it was supposed to be. 4) Bewildered Secretary When they were in high school Hase and Takatsuka used to date. Hase was the one who originally broke up with Takatsuka and now years later Takatsuka has been transferred to the company Hase works at. Even though Hase is trying his best to avoid Takatsuka it looks like that’s not going to happen. 5) The Boy Who Confined His Love Yuusuke made a promise to Hiroto in the past. Now years later they are reunited and Yuusuke remembers the promise he made to to come visit Hiroto. Hiroto intends to make sure Yuusuke keeps his promise this time, even if he has to force him.